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On a more intimate perspective...

I'm Maria Rizalina Magcauaus, your quintessential Gemini.
English as a Second Language teacher by profession, and supplement my income as an occasional Offshore Customer Support Contractor who offer administrative assistance using my history of call center & BPO work, which allows me to be an asset and relieve my clients of customer service, human resource, and secretarial tasks, and a Call Center Agent for international lines of businesses. I also indulge in content writing & attend blog events.

I have about more than a decade of collective years of experience in the call center and BPO work with recognized strengths in technical, care and billing problem-solving skills. I possess solid computer & MS Office proficiency. I pride myself in knowing that I can turn around difficult calls for the benefit of the line of business I handle.

What I'm doing with my life.​​
My choice of pursuing the freelancing career was in concurrence to my single parenting & I feel that I thrive in a less strict environment. My type of personality doesn't fit into the usual normal rigid mode. Due to my diverse set of interests; being stuck doing one thing for too long makes me anxious and suppressed.

My call center experience also brought out my sleeping passion in teaching, realizing that I'm more of a lexical person and I am delighted to share my knowledge with others. As an English as a Second Language teacher & Computer Instructor, I plan, develop and implement a tailored curriculum for each of my students of different levels according to their learning curve.

On a typical day
My general activities aside from work and domestic duties are reading, writing, keeping up with movies + series + sitcoms I missed or listen to music. Randomly, I would go out to the beach & pick up shells or play with the sands & waves or visit my favorite local coffee shop.

School is cool!
In college, I enjoyed playing with different academic fields; seeing how they'd work together for my advancement, and my love for knowledge motivates me to strive to be on top of current trends, like in current events, technology, social media, and customer service and to hone my skills further in communication and management process.

These days I tend to pursue/gravitate towards activities that would hone and add more to my skills and talents like vocational courses to add more to my professional history, catching up on previous endeavors I had to put on hold. Immersing myself in learning new skills and picking up new hobbies is a good way to give my routine much-needed variations.

​I mainly write for my own amusement.
And to practice my writing and English language skills. Topics I cover are varied but mostly revolve around general living and lifestyle. But I try my best to produce quality content as much as I can. I may also write a few personal thoughts &/or experiences here and there when I find the mood for it.

On a more intimate description of me.
I'm *mostly* described to have a strong personality – in that I am engaging, determined & can be encouraging, and tend to stir-up a storm wherever I go because of my peculiar personality. As my best friend's attempt to motivate me otherwise, I'm also *generally* regarded as an independent & intellectual person, which is to my unbelief (due to trails of stupid & hilarious mistakes behind this blundering fool), she also pointed out that being headstrong, once I've made my mind up, there's no way of swaying me.

Sedentary & solitary.
When it comes to relationships, even though I love to be in the company of others, I value my me-time and the need to retire from the world at times and I am happy to be a temporary loner. During this, I indulge myself in reading & writing, sometimes ruminant of what I wanted my future to be like, or I can be spontaneous and do something I fancied. I enjoy any form of solitary indulgence and I confess that unless it's a favorite entertainment, I don’t really have much attachment with the telly, for me, it’s a form of psychological prison and source of endless poverty mentality as well as escapism.

I cannot fully commit myself to genuinely respect someone I'm not inclined to.
And despite my forthcoming and open personality, and having no apprehensions with speaking to the person sitting next to me. However, on a certain level, I don’t make friends easily. Nowadays, I take a little trouble with cultivating the acquaintance of people who does not particularly appeal to me or stimulate me – more so learnedly. I find that I have trouble involving myself with people who I do not find to genuinely respect. I'm very transparent, and when I'm not keen on someone, it's painfully obvious. My principle is simple: why would I make myself suffer for the sake of being cordial when in fact, I do not genuinely respect the person? We're both doing each other disservice. It's not being bitchy or snob. It's about being true to myself.

The trouble with making friends.
I used to have trouble with making friends due to unpleasant experiences until I realized that in the interest of survival, I would place myself in a situation that I can choose not to be in as well as choose the kind of attitude I would show people. I have since learned to be conscientious towards unfortunate displeasure of suffering the acquaintance of people with peculiar discipline from mine (and vice-versa, I guess), choose my attitude and behavior towards others to avoid snapping at people in my (unguarded) moments of weakness and from getting myself in needless troubles.

One of my worst traits is if disillusioned, I may forgive but I do not forget. I can be excessively detached when my buttons are pushed - I am not the most patient and forgiving person when I am *purposely* and *extremely* angered.

When it comes to life's circumstances.
I do my best to deal with it head-on, especially when my convictions are being challenged, I am frank and I express myself as I see it reasonable (and I try my best to be polite as much as possible). But of course, if evidence comes to light which persuades me that I have been mistaken, I’m usually honest enough to change my opinions.

Overall, even though I express strong opinions, my occasional outbursts, and peculiar preferences, I actually quite have a frivolous and exuberant demeanor, and if I haven't pointed it enough, possess congenial and altruistic characteristics which mean I also enjoy going on new adventures and the willingness to explore new experiences in general.

Awards & Certificates
  • TEFL , January 2020
  • TESDA Cookery, NC2, February 2016
  • TESDA High Speed Sewing, March 2015
  • BOAS Student Representative, ACLC SY - 2011
  • Gold Medal, Computer Technician, December 2010
  • Gold Medal, Computer Science, August 2009
  • Diploma, Practical Bookkeeping & Accounts, 2001