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2 January 2020

Yakikai Japanese-Korean fusion Buffet Restaurant

Tucked away from the busy flow of Quezon City urban hustle, you can find the newly opened Japanese-Korean fusion restaurant, Yakikai Buffet Restaurant located at Scout Lascano St., a former dwelling that was renovated to seat 150 people dining, there’s also parking space for patrons with vehicles and a stone away from Starbucks if you’re up for palate wash or find a relaxed ambiance & intimate conversation since Yakikai is a busy restaurant.

You can choose and mix your own serving from their eat-all-you-can or ala carte menu, and you’ll definitely enjoy the food because you can fill your plate as much as you can eat, take trips back to the buffet section as you want. You can also cook your food right on your table!

The buffet section is frequently supplied, so even though the place looks small, the food doesn’t immediately run out. Yakikai also offers a birthday promo, perfect for people who are too busy to prepare and for those surprise birthday parties. You don’t have to go too far, Yakikai got you covered.

The service wasn’t as exceptional if you’re one demanding customer like me, because we had to ask to be served with soup, you will never be missed by the friendly attendants and they will always serve you with a smile. The ambiance was decent, it’s not at all quite as spacious but it is well lighted and clean. They have a good variety of food, and if you’re looking for authentic Japanese and Korean cuisine, you can add this to your list of places to dine. Yakikai is a very good place to spend time with friends and family.

I just have to warn you though, since the seats are good for only 150 people, you need to be early to get in line, otherwise, at their peak time, the place is packed with people and you will have to wait in line for the next available table. They have a list they follow, so be sure to look for the lady that carries a notebook and pen. I guess I am only peeved about braving the Manila traffic to get to the restaurant, only to be greeted by a sea of people and the wait time is my worst enemy.

Overall, I truly enjoyed my food and I almost had indigestion with all the food I ate, then again, it was a good way to end 2019. Good food, great time with the people I like and the memories I keep and bring into the new year.