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26 November 2019

ESL Approaches and Methodologies; my strategy.

As an experienced ESL teacher, I have always found the combination of tailored teaching of Direct and Reading Method to work effectively in my class, regardless of their learning category. There's always the advantage of practical approach to teaching other languages. The visual and verbal method makes it easy for me to guide my students, because apart from the vocabulary, there's also something appealing to the eyes that juggles the memories and leads to a more definite interpretation of what is being taught. For example, all around the world, we have fathers and mothers. Different cultures have their own word specific to how they address their parents, and this is no brainer: Ama and Ina in Tagalog is Father and Mother in the English language. While, Lola in Tagalog or Grandmother in English, is Abuelita to the Spanish. With direct and reading methods, my student recognizes the topic that is familiar with them and discovers another way of interpreting them, here, through a different language.

The conversational approach allows the student to learn everyday English in a manner that is appropriate or applicable for every situation. For example with Business English, they learn the practical approach of response to a particular or specific question and how to respond to a given instruction: how to introduce themselves to people, how to ask for directions, how to make requests, how to give directions and so forth.

With the infusion of Reading Method, where comprehension and fluency is learned, I find that my students gets to retain and practice the word/s or phrases they have read and are delighted to form their own sentences as we go along the lesson. The combination of both teaching method empowers them to be creative and motivated.

Admittedly, I myself, still am a student of the English language. More and more as I progress in my teaching profession, I acquire more methods and strategies that help me make it easier for my students to understand the language at a pace they are comfortable with by finding more ways to develop my lessons using Direct and Reading method.