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3 August 2019

Exploring Cavite: Big Ben of Imus

One of the things I like about Cavite is the heirloom cuisine. Apart from the provincial vibe, the beautiful golden rice fields, and the abundance of seafood and nicest coastlines, the province of Cavite boasts comfort food that's unique to this province. I'm no stranger to the region as I would spend most of my summer vacations at my late aunt's in Silang. Admittedly, there are still a lot of interesting areas of Cavite I haven't ventured and was delighted to discover Big Ben's at the successful Cavite Food and Culinary Expo 2019 that concluded last Sunday at the Isla Events in Imus.

My friends and I decided to give this family restaurant a try. It was a rainy afternoon and we were really hungry for a warm meal. We almost couldn't get up the table afterwards. Each serving boasts sizeable amount of food platter that you and your family & friends can share. Not only that, Big Ben's menu speaks of Filipino heritage too.

Perfect for a cold rainy afternoon, Pancit Langlang is our national hero Dr. Jose P Rizal's comfort food. As simple and as practical the food is, you can still find Pancit Langlang served at Big Ben's.

The classic sotanghon, another common gastronomic staple for a Pinoy cold and rainy day. All I can say about the sotanghon soup is that it will definitely remind you of home.

I highly recommend Big Ben's Kare-Kare. The sauce is made of rich peanut that you'll really appreciate. Sauce pa lang solved ka na. I didn't even bothered for the fish paste anymore because the sauce and ingredients were enough to compliment my steamed garlic rice.

I will say, at Big Ben's, malalasahan mo ang pagkain dahil hindi sya overcooked or under for that matter and hindi tinipid sa ingredients. If you're looking for value for money while enjoying the company of friends and family sharing a hearty meal of authentic Pinoy food, this is the place to go.

Chips with longanisa dip.

French fries with longanisa dip.

Did you know that Big Ben innovated the classic longanisa that we all love? Tań∑ing to mind our fellow Pinoys abroad, they created longanisa in a jar, the Gourmet Imus Longanisa.

I had some of my friends in Manila taste Big Ben's longanisa and they were all impressed with the texture and taste. It is flavorful and you could almost tell that it's almost without pork fats.

Other products available that's Big Ben's are their Pure Honey, Sukang Sasa and jarred Longanisa in Adobong Tagalog recipe.