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16 July 2019

Turning Japanese; Hodai Japanese-Korean fusion Restaurant and Eigasai at the EDSA Shangri-La Plaza Mall

I had a rather thematic day last Saturday and it was an eventful weekend for me that I immediately related the song Turning Japanese by The Vapors with the moment and had it playing in my head!

First on my plate was a food trip invite from one of my blogger friends. We had our lunch date at the Hodai Infused Japanese-Korean Restaurant located at Examiner St., followed by a back-to-back movie happening at the EDSA Shang-ri La Red Carpet, the Japanese Film Festival Eigasai (Eiga or film and sai for festival).

Hodai is steadily gaining popularity among food enthusiast, and it didn’t surprise me because the Tempura alone is nothing like the ones I’ve tasted from the other Japanese themed restaurant I’ve dined with my family before. I could make out the difference with the taste because it’s not starchy and the shrimp is juicy.

Hodai which means "all you can" in Nihongo is basically an eat-all-you can Asian food, specifically Japanese & Korean cuisine.

They served us a generous and unlimited serving of each of their current offerings and I was about to burst! I basically focused my taste buds on their Tempura, Pork Tonkatsu and Sushi rolls!

I liked that the ambience is clean, with sufficient lighting and good amount of leg room. For me it’s important that the restaurant gives me that laidback atmosphere because it induces my appetite, and I get to enjoy not only the food, more importantly the company of my friends. This is of course, a no surprise because the restaurant used to be a residence that’s converted into this casual dining venue. They also have great wait staff, polite and they are attentive to the customers which I really appreciated. They know when to approach and ask if there’s anything else we need.

Great food and delightful company, is something that I always remember. It was an overall pleasant experience having our tea time at Hodai's. Will definitely return for more!

Trivia: The cat on Hodai's signage is strategically placed there because in Japan, they believe that cats (neko) bring good luck. Very similar to China's custom. Very interesting that as Asians we have that something that's only unique to us that we identify with. 

Promo: Weekday
1+1 Gold set Php 599.00 (for 2 pax)

Weekend and Holidays
Silver set Php349.00 and Gold set Php 419.00

Gold Set:
Japchea or Rose Cream Pasta (Spicy)
Roll Tower
Korean Fried Chicken
Kani Salad
Kimchi Gyoza
Cheese Cream Spicy BBQ Bowl

Important Note: Now, I’m no way a food critic, though I have a bit of knowledge about food handling as I studied commercial cooking through TESDA, the theme of my blog is nothing about strict food rating. I only want to experience different cuisines and enjoy that gastronomic adventure with family & friends.

Eigasai at the EDSA Shangri-La Plaza Mall

At the EDSA Shangri-La Plaza Mall Red Carpet cinema was the Japanese Film Festival Eigasa. We saw two movies that are very witty and creative. It was dystopian at its best, I swear if there was twilight zones or alternate worlds, Japan seem to be a portal!

Kakegurui (Compulsive Gambler) is not your typical gambling story because the characters involved are high school students studying in an exclusive school for rich kids. If you're familiar or like to watch Manga like moi, you'll know the gist of this movie. The second movie was titled One Cut of The Dead. A horror-comedy film that enlightens viewers about the things involved in doing a horror movie.

With one of my favorite people in the world, Vance of Purple Plum Fairy (who coincidentally and cunningly wore purple on our movie date, LOL!)