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3 April 2019

Cavite heritage: Aguinaldo Shrine.

There’s something about old, rustic structures; I find them nostalgic and looking at them tells me its story by itself in volumes. That is why I am more prone to favor invites to visit historical places like the Aguinaldo Shrine because it’s rich in heritage, every room; every turn speaks for their own. The entrance to the huge ancestral house alone took me in awe of its intricate architecture. I was very impressed least to say.
From the exterior to each room just leaves you speechless and you can just imagine how European and modern it was. Can you imagine having your own bowling alley? You do not have to go out to find leisure; you can just invite your friends over for a few drinks and fun. It has its own saloon, ballroom, and receiving area, like you can turn the whole house into a first class hotel or vacation home! The house is built with very strong and sturdy materials which I think made it last the harsh weathers.
Basically, what really stood out to me was the whole atmosphere; mysterious. I bet if these walls could talk, they could just exactly tell of the secrets whispered throughout the events as they happened, the people who went in and out through the door and stayed under its roof.
I can just imagine how busy it was during the mornings when people start their day, how the quiet creep in during siesta, only to be interrupted by the loud chattering of utensils during supper, and the serene quiet of nightfall, and the sound you can hear through the halls is but silence or the crickets lulling you to sleep.