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17 April 2019

Where I desire my writing to take me.

This was me after a job interview, and I happened to pass by the Avengers display at the SM Megamall. I took a few photo and it was like a hit & run. I didn't have the patience to wait for other people to finish taking their photos with the display so I sneaked one and didn't bother to ask the attendants if they can take a shot for me. Anyway, eventhough I went home empty-handed, I'd still say that it was a fruitful day and it wasn't at all a loss.

If the shoe fits.
In a lot of situations, I believed that when something is meant to be yours, no gates of hell can stand against it, and God never gives a blessing with sorrow in it. And in a lot of time, I always go by #carpediem, and not wait for things to happen and I hold it with both hands.

This particular opportunity may not be mine because I'm only a writer-at-heart, nor do I have the formal education or training to be in position. My only consolation is I learned more about what I need to improve on and that I'm still a damn fighter in spite of my fears and perceived shame.

I'm proud of myself because I braved another challenge; I'm not a college grad, not a trained journalist or technical writer and I may be over aged for the Philippine employment standards - it didn't mattered.
I gave it my all, to the best of my ability.
I proved that I can still be relevant in this dog-eat-dog world.
Aren't I just precious? 😉

Too verbose.
So when the evaluator asked me if I have questions, I simply replied to for an honest evaluation of my writing. I was told that I'm too long winded, and that I should learn word compression, especially when writing for a magazine and spot news.

Admittedly, I acquired this habit as a content provider, because I have been banging shitons of paid content and whenever I'd run out of things to say, I default to passive voice just to complete a 250 words something assignment. I'm thankful for the correction I received about my writing skills. It will help guide me in my future endeavors.

What's next?
I still have my blogs, my own domain where I am the queen and I can do whatever I wish. I will continue writing even if it kills me, it's no fcking anyone's business. Here, I shine like a star. I am the protagonist in all my stories.

I can build this blog up as my portfolio, continue adding more words to my vocabulary and maybe be a bit more relatable at the same time keeping my personality in my writings. If I cannot speak, the my writing is my voice.

Of course I cannot expect things to happen for me overnight. I need to work hard for it. I may be 65 when I finally write or finish and publish my book. But if God is going to allow it to be a bestseller, damnit, I'm all for it and that's how it's going to happen!

Wherever my writing takes me, I know it will bring me more memories to reminisce about and maybe become successful at creating written contents in the future.

Pholigo and Prebiotic help improve digestion.

Living in a fast paced world also has its consequences, I would say. As a busy single mom, juggling work, family and my obligations, I relied too much on fast food and ready-to-cook meals. Of which may not be necessarily healthy, although good enough fuel for my body to last me the whole day at least. Busy people who rely on these ready-to-go meals are prone to gastro infection and sometimes food poisoning. I've seen and heard a lot of them. And since I started having tummy problems because of my unhealthy eating habits, I knew I had to start disciplining myself.

I am not naturally sensitive to different types of sustenance, and I do not go for exotic ones to avoid intestinal problems. I noticed that as I age, my tolerance to certain food has slowly declined, and my metabolism has decreased as well. When I used to digest food fairly quickly, these days I also noticed that I’ve developed gastric acid along with belly fats!

One of the benefits of Pholigo is that its Prebiotic effect aids the stomach in fortifying the digestive enzymes with the growth of good bacteria, fighting the spread of septic microorganisms that infects the gut. Because of this, when good bacteria thrive in the gastrointestinal tract, it will be easier for the stomach to break down and convert food into vitamins and nutrients the body needs. Significant result I noticed was that, I no longer feel bloated after heavy meals. To me, this is an indication that my digestive system isn’t having a hard time breaking down the food I ingested. And even though I do not have problems with my bowel movement, my stool is more light brown in color and floats, suggest that Pholigo is working for me.

How to use Pholigo: Simply mix the all purpose Prebiotic powder to any beverage or food without any effect on the flavor or any after-taste. I did notice that it made distilled water a little sweeter, but not the saccharine type of aftertaste.

And although my daughter would have upset stomach because of tension, she noticed that she doesn’t experience this anymore when her group had their defense. She merely felt anxious but didn’t felt anything funny in her tummy.

This also gave me an impression that Pholigo may also be good to people who are experiencing lactose intolerance. And flatulence also indicates that the prebiotic substance in Pholigo is helping the bacterium in your gut to release waste gas. Think of it this way; bacterias in armpits thrive in sweat and emit unpleasant odors, in the same way, when our food in our stomachs are broken down, the bad bacterias also release these unpleasant gas.

All in all, my experience with Pholigo is very positive. I did my experiments with the powder supplement and the results are all the same; improved digestion without any drastic effects on the food I mix it with.

For more information about the health benefits of Pholigo, you can simply visit their website:
Instagram: @pholigo_official
You can also reach them at +63906-436-3874 / 632-425-9988
Email them at:

5 April 2019

Cavite Heritage: Immaculate Concepcion of Mary Church in Naic

One of the historical landmarks that stand in the heart of the old town of Naic is the Immaculate Concepction of Mary. The church, I was told by the original settlers of the town, withstood and weathered the changing of times, and at one time became a strong hold during the Japanese invasion, and was part of the Philippine history during the revolutionary period against Spain. At present time, the parish church boasts impressive and intricate marble mosaic flooring which is one of the largest in Southeast Asia. The church has also grown in matter of collections which means that the Immaculate Concepcion of Mary church has sustained itself without special funding and continued to flourish in terms of its spiritual purpose to the Naic populace.

The Immaculate Concepcion of Mary is currently headed by Fr. Isagani Avińante and has overseen a lot of improvements about the church during his four-year stay. My short conversation with Father Isagani was very enlightening and sensing his passion to continue to gather lost souls, as well as those who have steered away from the faith, to instill the richness and depth of the faith in the Christian tradition. Father Isagani’s hope is to continue to bring awareness and correct the misguidance among his parishioners and to put away the practice of faith only by name.

What strike me the most about my conversation with Father Isagani was (not his exact words); we may not realize that the diamonds we’re looking for is just right below where we stand. It was a story he told me about this man who sold his field in search of diamonds, only to discover in the news that he didn’t have to go far to find his fortune! Father Isagani’s declaration of this nugget of wisdom spoke to me in volumes: as an individual myself, I would go here and there, seeking for the meaning of my life, what I am about and such. Only to realize that what I have been looking for is just staring me right at the face. Funny how things turn up the way they do, don’t it?

As you know, I was born Catholic; baptized, confirmed and had my first communion, went to a Catholic school at one point in my life. I had prayed the novena and the rosary, joined the church choir. Admittedly, I have forgotten about all these when I made the decision to focus on my Christian faith, which is my personal conviction and still is. It doesn’t mean that I am denying my beginning in this life. I still value my Catholic background. I would still very much, love to attend mass and remind myself of the rich Christian value that built the foundation of my spiritual life.

3 April 2019

Cavite heritage: Aguinaldo Shrine.

There’s something about old, rustic structures; I find them nostalgic and looking at them tells me its story by itself in volumes. That is why I am more prone to favor invites to visit historical places like the Aguinaldo Shrine because it’s rich in heritage, every room; every turn speaks for their own. The entrance to the huge ancestral house alone took me in awe of its intricate architecture. I was very impressed least to say.
From the exterior to each room just leaves you speechless and you can just imagine how European and modern it was. Can you imagine having your own bowling alley? You do not have to go out to find leisure; you can just invite your friends over for a few drinks and fun. It has its own saloon, ballroom, and receiving area, like you can turn the whole house into a first class hotel or vacation home! The house is built with very strong and sturdy materials which I think made it last the harsh weathers.
Basically, what really stood out to me was the whole atmosphere; mysterious. I bet if these walls could talk, they could just exactly tell of the secrets whispered throughout the events as they happened, the people who went in and out through the door and stayed under its roof.
I can just imagine how busy it was during the mornings when people start their day, how the quiet creep in during siesta, only to be interrupted by the loud chattering of utensils during supper, and the serene quiet of nightfall, and the sound you can hear through the halls is but silence or the crickets lulling you to sleep.

1 April 2019

Kusina de Maria, your one-stop-food shop.

Kusina de Maria, not just your usual hole-in-the wall, one-stop food sho pwith their variety of mouthwatering meal offering.

We had such a fun and delicious afternoon at Kusina de Maria last night. I came here with a group of friends, basically on the look-out for a new hangout to bond, and it's the perfect place to pass the afternoon by. The owner was friendly; add the combination of good food, personalized service, affordable prices, and the delightful company of my friends made the overall experience a stand-out for me.

We ordered their Hidden Wing variety which is their best seller, and they were all delicious. Something about their chicken is perfectly made; crispy fried in their sauces and dressings. What I liked about the Hidden Wing variety is that it’s not covered in flour or breading, so you’re really getting the real thing
If you’re having trouble selecting from their variety of food and beverage, here’s what we basically ordered:
1. Sisig 
2. Hidden Wings
3. Muchos Nachos
4. Red Lemon Juice
5. Nachos (not in picture)
6. Mais con Hielo
I guess when it comes to street food, affordability is not my only concern but I also look for how the food is handled. Kusina de Maria is basically home-cooked food, and the food is cooked as ordered. If you notice, the menu lists comfort food to most Pinoys.

Hidden Wings Buffalo: Just the right amount of mild spice, if served with rice, even a kid can tolerate its spicy sauce. 

Hidden Wings Spicy Cheese: This was my first time to taste a combination of cheese with spice. Great concoction, the spice and cheese complement the taste and made the chicken more enticing with rice or just by itself.

Hidden Wings Garlic Parmesan: I liked that this one doesn’t have that strong salty taste. Balanced blend of sauce that goes great with the chicken meat. 

Hidden Wings Honey BBQ: If you’re looking for spicy and sweet, this blend is also good. The combination of the sauce complements each other well and it doesn’t overwhelm the taste of the other.

Hidden Wings Super spicy:  If you’re someone who have high tolerance to spicy food, this one speaks for itself.

Sisig: Crunchy meat and the sauce complement each other with the chili. Good for mild social drinking with your buddies. Meat doesn’t go soggy even when mixed with the sauce.

Other stand-out:
Price: Very affordable. No matter if you’re working or a student, you can be sure to find their menu that is just right for your budget, you can split or chip in with your friends.

Portion: Refer to my photo and that’s how much food you get for your money’s worth. A serving of any Hidden Wing variety is good for sharing as well as the sisig and nachos.

Ambience: A hole-in-the wall type of shop, great with friends with fun and interactive games while waiting for your food. 

Kusina de Maria isn’t just a good place to pass the afternoon by; you can also enjoy their affordable meals when on-the-go; they also offer quick serve breakfast & lunch meals. It’s also a nice place for dates and quick stops for busy individuals. Clean and well-lit.