Thursday, January 31, 2019

A Day in the Life

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My day to day responsibility is to assist clients in their home selling or buying journey by teaming them up with our highly experienced real estate agents in their local area, to ensure that they get the best out of our service. The process is simple and easy. We basically qualify a customer by asking few quick questions regarding their home buying or selling needs. Once we determine the need of the customer, we search and pair them up with a highly trained realtor or listing agent to get started.

Qualified calls are basically scheduled property viewing with our REAs, or Realtors on a warm transfer. Warm transfers are calls that I was able to speak with a realtor who agrees to set up the appointment with the customer. Regardless if the realtor closes the sale, this is not impacting on my tenure. Our performance depends on the quality assurance guidelines. Contrast to the previous line of business I handled, my current job isn’t as stressful. We do not deal with irate customers, nobody screams expletives on our ears, and we do not have too many tools to toggle and navigate. I just basically log in to my Avaya and answer calls, read from the script and transfer the caller. Easy peasy.

The only challenge I encounter, if there’s any at all, is a duplicate lead, or when another agent is also working on the same opportunity. This would of course, interrupt the flow of work, and it could make or break the deal with the customer.
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