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1 October 2018

My ESL teaching is now powered by PLDT!

I am now finally hooked up with PLDT Fibr and my students were amazed to see & hear me clearly this time. I was starting to have reservations when I didn't hear any more from my agent but I was surprised to receive a call from the installers that they were on their way. It was a quick install and I was like a kid playing with my new toy in no time. My students exclaimed excitement when they noticed that my camera feed & voice are more clear than the previous day. I told them that I finally changed to a new internet provider. They are very pleased with my switch because I can share my desktop through Skype and they do not have to wait for it to load and the image was clearer

Later in the afternoon I called Globe to discontinue my service and they calculated my adjustment bill plus termination fee and they quoted me Php5,000. My daughter was a little upset that with all the grief I went through with them, they still have the gall to charge me for the disconnection fee. I can't say I blame my daughter for feeling this way because she had seen me cry with one of my phone calls with Globe customer service because of too much frustrations and cancelled classes. We're all the same relieved that I do not have to go through that again. I can look forward to working in peace from here on.