When feeling lost about your work & career

Photo credit: Madz Veltzman

If you're passionate about your career, life comes easy. But for some who see their jobs only as the means to pay the bills, living becomes a drag. Sometimes we're our own enemy, we always think that we're too busy with our profession and our daily routine to pursue anything we're passionate about and we start to burn out. Or we start to lose our way in the midst of a transition of obligations and we become frustrated, uncertain of our direction in life. If you want to avoid that proverbial rut, start carving away time for your passion, whatever they may be.

Of course you just don't jump ship too fast without thinking it through a hundred times. My career mistakes were because I rushed my way through, and made snap-decisions based on my emotions. Though I do not regret choosing family over my career, I realized that, in a way, I could have made better arguments. Although sometimes because of the demands of single parenting, I would lose foresight. Plan better & prioritize effectively.

So while you're still trying to carve your way to achieve success, what do you do with your current position or career? Fake it, 'till you make it. This methodology may seem irrational, but pretending to be happy with your job help condition your mind to accomplish the tasks at hand. You're the only one who can strongly motivate yourself at this point in order to survive and make it to your real main goal. Aside from that, you still have obligations with yourself and your family, you cannot take the risk of leaving a permanent or a paying job on a snap-decision or you will only prolong your success.

Of course, the first impulse is to find a way to get out of the mess. But you have to find the courage to try new things to find hope in any way possible. The most difficult step is the first steps but you have to will yourself to make it in spite the challenge.